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A Cover Reveal, a Contest and Pimpin’

I’m a few days late getting on this but I had to share the final cover of my next short story (coming soon)!


It’s called PARK JOHN and it’s more grisly horror than comedy, so prepare yourselves. I really love the how the cover turned out and I can’t wait for you guys to get a load of this sick story!

In lieu of an official blurb (that’s coming), suffice it to say, Park John has the world’s most chill serial killer, a victim on the verge of insanity and bloody ice cream sundaes.

Unlike my first attempt at indie-pubbing, SEAFOAM (available now on Kindle for 99 cents!), Park John will be going up across multiple platforms. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys in the loop as to when that happens!

In other pubbing news, the Amanda Feral erotic trilogy is full steam ahead. I’m working on the second book currently and once it’s done, revised and I’ve got a healthy bite into the third, I’m going to bust those out in a GRAND way! If you’ve had a chance to read STOCKING FULL OF COAL, you already know that Amanda is not afraid to get KINKY and BIZARRE!

photoAll this creative stuff has given me the boost I needed to get off my ass with the next Daniel Marks book and I’m a chapter in on that and loving the protagonist and the premise and the extremes of violence and fucked-upped-ness (it’s a word NOW). Anyways, wish me luck that the powers that be will love it as much as I’m loving writing it, ’cause if not, we’re going to have some problems. As for VELVETEEN, you can enter to win one of three copies from BOOKISH, I’ve even done up a little vlog for Evie’s MEN IN YA series about curing emotional dulling through embracing horror! There might be some horrendously dramatic pictures of me for the Men in YA calendar. Go check that out!

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But enough about me, my good friend Kate Eden has a pair of brand-spanking new paranormal romances out now! Her Murdoch Vampires series kicks off with THE HOT SCOT!

Vampires and Scots? What? That ought to have you dreaming about some under-the-kilt thigh biting! So, go check that out pronto-like!

Depression check-in?

I’m going to keep busting ass to stay in this business, because I love it, honestly. I mean sometimes I hate it, but like most relationships, it fluctuates. But the key word there is “relationship.”

I’m gonna make it work.

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