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BIG NEWS! SEAFOAM (revisited)!

A few years back, I was asked to be a part of an issue of Apex magazine with a story that put a twist on an “urban legend.” What came out was SEAFOAM. A story that really summed up my schtick. Raunchy, darkly comic and twisted as shit. I’d only wished it had gotten some more eyes on it. So now, that can happen! I’ve revamped it, gave it bad ass cover and slapped them shits up on the Kindle!


Here’s the rundown (from Amazon):

Jeremy, an infamous foot fetishist sentenced to a treatment group, falls off the wagon spectacularly when he meets Beverly. She is a “beneather”, one of an alien species living alongside us after rising from the depths of the ocean. Beverly has everything a man could want. She’s funny. She’s beautiful. She’s got great feet. But does Beverly’s reciprocation smack of a sinister and slimy secret? Will Jerry’s probation officer revoke his freedom before he meets a bitter, sweaty end? And more importantly, did someone remember to bring donuts and coffee to the 12-step group?</p>

Yay! You can pick up a Kindle edition of SEAFOAM, NOWWWWW! It’s just 99 cents and free through the lending program on Amazon Prime. Head on over and give it a read or seven, possibly twelve!

Already read SEAFOAM? Why not help me out with an Amazon review? Add it on Goodreads. Scream it from your rooftop and/or hospital bed! Seriously, share it with the world!

I’ve been thinking a long time about this plunge into indie publishing and plan on bringing you more original content in the coming months including a BIG ASS erotic trilogy from my sexy pseudonym, Amanda Feral. Prepare yourself for that. Also in the works, a new adult urban fantasy novel that some of you may remember me talking about, THE DARK RITES OF JOE BARKLEY. Yep. It’s the impotent incubus! Aw yeah. Comedy. Horror. Octogenarian dominatrixes (plural?). It’s almost too much, right?

But wait!

I’m bringing a certain bitchy zombie back from the dead-ish! That’s all I’ll say for now. You can commence your sighs of ecstacy.

Now, I know that brings up questions as to what’s going on on the YA front with Daniel Marks and that is still a priority. I’m working a young adult horror book and–barring unforeseen (or foreseen) setbacks–that’ll be coming your way some year. It’s hard to say, but I’m working on it!

So that’s it! Big news around these parts and I’m really excited about this direction.

::passes out::

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